1) In 1960 year, the 857 Nuclear factory was founded, the company’s location is personally selected in a mountain by China First Prime Minister Zhou Enlai, it was the TOP1 ultrafine nickel powder manufacture factory in Asia, and unique uranium separation membrane factory in china.

2) In 1966, 857 factory finally provided critical core components for the part of atomic centrifuge, make outstanding contributions for China Nuclear Bomb & Hydrogen Bomb industry

3) In 2003, in according with the relevant national documents ,had established Chengdu Nuclear 857 New Materials Co。,Ltd

Chengdu Nuclear 857 New Materials Co., Ltd.

Room 1909-1911, Block B, 4th Building, No。 2, Xingsheng West Road, Yingbin Avenue, Jinniu District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China (Mainland)

Telephone:+86 028 85552857


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